About Dusty Tome

Who the devil are you?

Excellent question! Dusty Tome is a tiny, indie game studio, established in 2012, consisting of a ragtag band of computer engineers/programmers, writers, gamers, an intern, two guys with fabulous speaking voices, and Clouder.

Together we'll learn about the trials and tribulations of game design, the meaning of life, and the joy of childhood, all while creating an unseverable bond and discovering how not respond when you find a dead guy decomposing in the woods on a hot summer day. Or something like that. We forget the details.

In the meantime, we work at bringing you fun and entertaining (if not down-right hilarious) story-driven games and giving you the occasional laugh at a convention. Follow us on Tumblr and/or sign up for the forum to maximize you Dusty Tome experience.



(More bios coming as fast as Vinni can convince the rest of the team that they actually matter!)


The Leader

They say that management is the least talented person on the team, and Mystic is no exception. That said, someone has to make sure the team is doing what they’re supposed to digitalhorizon.com.

Vinni Kalman

The Writer

In Old Country, they would’ve disregarded her mad ramblings while they rebelled against the local governments. Here, someone gave her a pen, and away she went.

Eric Clouder (Andrew)

Environmental Design

Andrew is a lifetime gamer and comic book fan with no idea what he's doing. He has Bachelors degrees in Anthropology and Criminology and a J.D. in Law.


The Programmer

Bio Coming


The Intern (Spriter)

He’s our very own unpaid intern! The Georgia School system has agreed to lend him to us, and we intend to sprite him into the ground. He makes the original sprites you see. We sometimes forget to feed him.

Kapmando (Kale)

The Video Guy

Kale is an independent sales representative and semi-professional complainer. His favorite comic is Transmetropolitan, and he is a cooking enthusiast. He is secretly a muppet.


The Trouble Shooter

Hobbes goes out and fixes problems that we seem to have. That is all.