News and Updates


Ominous! was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Check our Kickstarter for the latest development news!


Ominous! is now a campaign on Kickstarter! Donate today and help Murphy and discover how he ended up in his unsettling situation!


We have survived скачать игру мир кораблей Kawa Kon! Thank you to all the wonderful people who showed up to our panels; we had a blast! If you have any questions about any of our panels, visit us on our forum or drop us an email.


We have a spiffy new website! Also, be sure to check out our Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook pages!

Events and Appearances

Stay tuned for future appearances!

April 12th and 13th: Anime STL, St. Louis, Missouri Thank you!

7:00 PM - Life in Japan
9:00 PM - So You Want to Make a Game

2:00 PM - RPG Logic

February 8th through 10th: Kawa Kon, St. Louis, Missouri Thank you!

5:30 PM -Dusty Tome Presents the Quiz Master

1:00 PM - The Business of Being an Indie

10:30 - RPG Logic
11:30 - So You Want to Make a Game!